Want To Have A Productive Week? Do These 7 Things On A Sunday To Make It Happen!

Just imagine – you get up on Monday morning with hardly any energy. Opening your eyes and making tea or coffee also seems like a mammoth task. Your mind refuses to start and you have to literally push yourself to go to work and that too without any breakfast because there was hardly anything in your kitchen. You also have to eat some junk (costly and bad) for lunch because you did not pack your lunch. Your energy is low and you feel as if the burdens of the world are crushing your shoulders.

What is more your inbox is overflowing with tasks that you left pending on Friday to get your weekend started? You have to pull yourself together and get going but the day seems to drag and you can hardly wait for it to end. We are sure by now you are nodding your head in agreement and thinking that this does sound familiar. But you know what? It need not be this way at all; all you need to do is plan out your Sundays to ensure that the rest of your week goes well. Once you get the hang of this, you will find it easy to do. It will be easier than when you asked yourself, “You want to be the best boss? Here are ten rules that you should follow!”

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Here are the seven things that you should do to make your week easier:

Tell yourself that Sunday is the start of the week: This goes against what people normally think, which is that Sunday is the day that marks the end of the week when you lay back, relax and get over the week past. Instead take it as the starting point and this will automatically take away some of the Monday morning dread that you feel. Plus, when you do some preparatory chores for Monday on Sunday itself, you are prepared well for it.

Clear out those emails: If you are, the kind who has a regular job then the emails that you receive over the weekend are likely to be junk emails and not related to work. Make it a point to clear these out on Sunday night in preparation for a clear and business like email inbox for Monday morning, when you can just get on with it.

Make a list of things to do for the week: You may think lists are for nerds, but believe us when we tell you it really works. Making a to do list for the week will have you mentally organizing the best ways in which to go about doing it. You can even put in alerts if you are doing this electronically so that you have a headsup on when you need to get started.

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Clear your desk out: If you are the kind who tends to work from your home, then it makes sense to ensure that you clear out your desk in preparation for the week ahea. You can even arrange your projects neatly on the desk if you want a nice start on Monday.

Plan out social media for the coming week: If you are the kind you works online and are involved in blogging, it also makes sense to line up your posts and tweets for the week to come. This way you are good to go on regular posts and even any sudden requirements can be handled with ease.

Clean out your home: You know your Mondays can become worse if you had to face them with a dirty and unkempt home and the only remedy to that is to ensure that you don’t. Once you start doing this, you will realize that it is good to have a sparkling clean home to come back to on a Monday evening.

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Prepare a meal plan, buy groceries and prep some of it: Another important task to do on a Sunday is to ensure that you stock up on groceries for the rest of the week. To do this, it is best to start with a meal plan for all three meals that you eat for the rest of the week. And then stock up accordingly. It also makes sense to do some of the preparations like peeling stuff, cutting vegetables, processing spices, etc.

You will soon realize that by doing these seven things, you are making it easy on yourself for the rest of the week.

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