Do You Hate Failure? You Shouldn’t; It Can Be A Good Teacher

If you meet somebody who says they have never failed, then they are either lying through their teeth or a paragon of virtue. We are saying this because failure is a factor that is so tightly weaved in the fabric of our lives that we cannot ignore it or overlook it. In fact, if anything we should look at failure as something that teaches us a lesson. It is obvious that failure teaches you about what mistakes not to make the next time around but do you think that is all? Actually if you sat down to think of it introspectively, you will realize that it is least of the lessons that failure teaches you. By now you are thinking what lessons can failure teach you beyond not to repeat the mistakes that led to your failure in the first instance? We will tell you some of the lessons that we consider important here, but no one can tell you all of them.

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The pointers and observations we give here are more like food for thought and will actually set the direction for your thoughts so that you can learn what needs to be learned for your life. While it may sometimes overlap with the important lessons that you can learn from the classics, they are as or even more valuable in terms of the way they help you grow.

Here are some of the lessons or values you can gain from failure:

Tenacity: A person who fails at something is more likely to have staying and fighting power to make up for what he or she did wrong the first time. They learn the value of being tenacious and keep on plugging at what they want to achieve instead of simply resting on the laurels of their past successes. A tenacious person can achieve way more than a person who has succeeded in the first instance and are less likely to burn out.

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Patience: One cannot underestimate the value of being patient in life and this is not something that a privileged human being gets naturally. Many a times, we tend to take things for granted when life is going our way and this makes us intolerant and impatient. It is only when we make intimate association with lady failure do we pick up the threads of patience and weave it our lives. A patient person is someone who can pretty much work through most things.

Humility: Have you ever met someone who was so full of himself or herself due to what they have achieved that you hated them on sight? We are sure most of us have come across such people and wished fervently for them to fall flat on their faces not due to petty envy but because these people have become difficult to tolerate due to their lack of humility. But in many instances you will find that people who have achieved success through repeated failures, are not only successful but also likeable due to their humility in spite of so many achievements.

Value: Have you ever had a possession or relationship that you have valued a lot? We are sure that if you do, then it is because you have gained this possession or relationship due to repeated efforts with a few failures thrown in for good measure. Yes, failure does teach you the value of what you have achieved. You are more likely to enjoy your success if you have achieved it after a lot of failure and are more likely to fight to protect it against all the odds.

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We are sure that you will find this article on what lessons that failure can teach you very useful in your life or at least we hope so.

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