What Is The Key To A Happy Marriage? Read To Know More!

All around us today we see the fatality faced by so called happy and long marriages where the spouses who seemed so perfectly happy together have decided to call it quits. We often wonder what went wrong and the answer in most instances is a politically correct statement saying that the couple have drifted apart due to irreconcilable differences and this does not say much to most people. And then the gossip mills come up with stories of how one or both the individuals of the erstwhile couple was involved with someone else and people conclude that this was the reason for the dissolution of the marriage. Some people say that it is because one of the partners in the marriage has lost the attraction for the other or that they simply found different interests. We cannot claim to be experts on a marriage as no one can but we can give you some tips on what can make a marriage work. For us to explain this, we will also look at various elements that go into the making of a good marriage and this will probably provide you an insight as to what can make it work.

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The foundation of marriage is love but did you know that liking each other is almost if not as important as love is. Do you want to know what to do to be more likeable? Anyway, you would be surprised at how many married couple love each other, even feel a lot of attraction for each other, have a lot of passion for the other but do not really understand and like each other. This is a sad fact of our institution of marriage that has evolved from being a mere business and political arrangement of the past to something that has become an emotional bond.

Here are some easy points that will tell you what the key to a happy marriage is:

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Communication: If you forced us to tell you a single factor that makes a marriage succeed or fail, then we would have to say good communication. It makes sense for a couple to keep the channels of communication clear and candid between them. Many a marriage has hit the rocks because one or both of the couple was under a misconception that they never managed to clear with the other due to poor communication that was a result of their ego. That is why we feel that keeping open and honest communication is not only the key to a good marriage but also to most relations that matter.

Respect and liking: Yes, love and physical attraction are very important in bringing two people together but the factors that keep them together are mutual respect and liking for each other. While you can have other friends and even a bestie or two, it is very important for two people in a marriage to be friends with each other. This is the base on which they will learn to like, love, and respect each other. Again, this is another factor that many couples tend to let go with the passage of time.

Not expecting too much: Have you ever wondered why so many marriages of the past which were arranged by others and not based on the love of the couple for each other survived while a lot of love marriages do not? One would not be wrong in saying that those couples stayed together for convenience or that they did not want to face the society but is that all? Because if you look at them closely, many of these marriages seem to be peaceful ones if not happy ones. We feel that these marriages worked because neither of the spouses came with too many expectations from the other and this meant that they had less to complain and this led to better marriages.

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There you have it – our humble attempt to interpret what are the components or the key to a happy marriage.

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