Do You Know What To Do When Things Don’t Go According To Your Plan? Read To Know More!

Life can seem to be very interesting when you are looking at it from the point of an onlooker but can be tough many a times when you are living it. And when tough times come around, plans go awry and with this our peace of mind and our hopes. This is because we plan based on an outcome that we hope for and the failure of a plan means also means the loss of that hope. Losing hope has a big impact on your whole self and affects everything including your confidence. You should spot that low mood and fight it before it becomes full-fledged depression so that you stay in fighting form to take on life with all it has to offer. But we know when you think, hope and plan for something and work for it, we invest a lot of ourselves in it and the loss of such a thing can be a big blow.

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Here is what you should do when things don’t go according to plan:

Feel the pain and indulge it: It is normal for any human being to feel the pain of loss and the failure of a plan can be something that we will feel deeply within our heart. While many feel it is better to ignore it, we feel that you should learn to feel the pain and let it over take you for a while. You should notice that the keywords here are ‘for a while’. This will ensure that no ill feelings are festering inside you and stunting your ability to think.

Conduct a post-mortem: Once you are done with the grieving process, it is time to become cold and clinical and do a thorough analysis of what went wrong with the plan. Ask yourself tough questions like was there something fundamentally wrong with the plan, or if the fault for the failure of the plan lies on you or if you did not anticipate all the factors that are part of the plan. The deeper you delve into the failure of the plan, the more you will discover.

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Glean the lessons to be learned: They say that every failure hides a lesson in it and this is definitely true. You should look at failed plans as a costly lesson and one that you should definitely learn from to ensure that the same mistakes are not repeated. But here we caution you to be careful about what lessons you glean from a plan gone wrong.

Make your next plan by inculcating all the learnings: Life as you know never stops for anything or anybody and we need to keep forging on. The fact is life does not stop with one failure or one bad plan and has to keep moving on. That is why once you are through with the process of grieving, analyzing and learning, you should move on to the future – which is coming up with a better plan.

Come up with a contingency plan: This time when you are planning, we also suggest that you plan for what you will do if your plan fails. When you are prepared from all angles to deal with the aspects of the plan that could go wrong, you know that you have done all you can for the success of the plan. This is very important for us humans as we tend to be more severe when we are blaming ourselves for the way we have failed than anyone else. And self flagellation is the worst thing to happen.

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We are sure that what we have suggested here will seem like the logical and smart way to deal with failure of your plans. Do tell us what you think.

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