So, you are a working mom? Isn’t it both awesome and scary all at the same time? We are sure you are wondering how everyone else is doing as you get up once again at 2 in the night to feed your little baby. Let us be honest, you love being a mom and you love your little bundle of joy but you have to admit it is a lot of work and seems to be an endless struggle. You have to be good at juggling so many tasks and still there is a sinking feeling that you are doing enough or at least doing it well enough. How do others do it? And how do they even do that? What if you could get some tips for working moms from working moms?


It would make your life easier to know how to deal with work and motherhood just like when you know what to do when you are sick of mornings that are too difficult and knowing what 6 things to make it easier.

Here you go:

Letting the guilt go: Mothers feel guilty because they feel they are not doing enough or not doing it well enough. And when the mother also works outside the home, she is riddled by doubts about so many things that guilt is like a huge weight pressing her down. Holding on to the guilt and feeling divided about your work and your motherly duties can make it really hard on you. The thing you need to is let go of the guilt because there is nothing wrong in going off to work because not only does it empower you in an economic sense, but it also makes you a happier person and this can only be a good thing for your child.

Find good child care: If you are going to work, then you need to be convinced that your child is getting the best care possible when you are not around. This will help you with the process of letting the guilt go and also being able to do better at your job as well as your role as a mother once you get back home.

Organize your mornings well: When you are facing work and motherhood, it makes sense to ensure that you spend a bit of time the night before organizing things for the next morning. Whether it is laying out clothes for you to wear or a packed lunch for you and your family, all these things can help you ensure that the mornings are better for all of you.

Create a family schedule: It would help a lot if you had a chart going detailing what needs to be done along with the dates along with who will be doing it. This could not only help the whole family to pitch in but also enable you to keep things on track for the whole month.


Talk to your boss: It makes sense to talk with the human resource staff as well as your immediate superior and your team mates about the kind of support you will be requiring. This way everyone will be on the same page and this will ensure that you can take some time off to deal with emergencies in case it is required without causing any problems. Today employers are bending over backwards offering flexible work schedules so that women who have become mothers can continue to work.

Keep in touch: It would also be a good idea to keep communicating with your home base (kids and caretakers) so that you know what is going on and for your own peace of mind. Keeping in touch with your partner will also ensure that they can pitch in when required.

Stay away from diversions and conserve your time: It makes sense for you to be sensible and spend time on doing the essential chores and staying away from distractions. This will ensure that you get all your work done on time and actually have some time for yourself once in a while.

Schedule family fun times: One of the things that will keep you guilt free is ensuring that your family gets to do things together. It will also ensure that the kids feel that they are getting enough time with their parents.

Hang out with your spouse: Only a happy couple can be good parents and the bond between you and your partner is essential to ensure that you have a cohesive family system in place. It also helps to understand each other so that nobody feels shortchanged and as if they are carrying too much weight when it comes the family work.

Schedule some me time: By doing all the above, you will be ensuring that you get some time to yourself to do things that you enjoy doing. And let us tell you, you will value these times the most once you become a mother who works outside of the home as well as within it. After all, if you are not happy, then it will be difficult for you to keep others in good spirits.